Java Taman Dadar

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Java Taman Dadar

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This Java Taman Dadar comes from the Ijen Plateau in eastern Java and was grown by farmers in the villages of Curah Tatal and Kayumas. Local residents named this area Taman Dadar, which means "flower garden."  Production in Java had suffered significantly in recent years due to coffee rust but the quality of the cup improved as farmers fled to the rich volcanic soil of the highlands to avoid the disease. In addition to the big body and earthy tones that make Oceana coffees famous, we were delighted by all the exciting flavors we found when we cupped this coffee: apple, cherry cola, chocolate, caramel, tropical fruits, and vanilla. This is a limited offering so don't miss out on your chance to try this exciting coffee!


  • Geography -- Ijen Plateau, eastern Java
  • Varietal -- S-795
  • Altitude -- 915 meters
  • Preparation -- Wet hulled, patio sun dried
  • 802 Cupping Notes -- Red Apple, Cherry Cola, Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Syrupy body, Earthy Finish