El Salvador Finca Rumania

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El Salvador Finca Rumania

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Nestled between coffee powerhouses Honduras and Guatemala, specialty coffees from El Salvador are certainly less ubiquitous. Like journeying through the jungles all the way to the beaches of El Salvador, this Finca Rumania is an adventure to roast and to drink. 

Finca Rumania is located in Caton el Guineo in the Santa Ana region and the Chicabal family has been farming this land since 1938. This natural process coffee provides a complex and unique cup. It reminds us of sweet chocolate and pralines and lots of tart,  juicy fruits. We love the way the creamy body balances with the blackberry and green apple notes and finishes with a clean mouthfeel.  So grab your sunglasses, give your taste buds a new adventure, and try a bag of Finca Rumania today!

Geography- Caton el Guineo, el Congo Departamento de Santa Ana, El Salvador

Altitude- 1200 MASL

Varietals- Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Sarchimor

Preparation —Natural process, patio dried

802 Cupping notes – Chocolate & praline, blackberry, green apple, creamy body, clean finish.