Grounds For Health

This January, $1 from every bag of Ethiopian coffee goes to Grounds for Health to support women's health at origin. 

About Grounds for Health 

Mission: to prevent cervical cancer in coffee communities

Vision: to build the bridge to globally inclusive care

Since 1996, Grounds for Health has worked in Latin America and East Africa to bring high quality cervical cancer prevention to women. To date, we’ve screened 169,036 women and treated nearly 14,000 women for cervical precancer.

About Cervical Cancer / Cervical Cancer Awareness Month - January 2023

Cervical cancer kills one woman every two minutes in low- and middle-income countries – or, the places where coffee is grown.

In the next 15 years, cervical cancer will kill over six million women. 

Yet, cervical cancer is entirely preventable with access to early screening and treatment. Cervical cancer is a disease we can beat.

This is a disease of disparity and inequity. In the US, cervical cancer is ranked #13 in terms of women’s cancer deaths. In the areas where we work, it is #1.

About Women in Coffee

Women provide 70% of the labor growing, harvesting, and processing coffee beans.

These same women are also mothers, sisters, and caretakers. They are the backbone of their communities and the backbone of the coffee industry.

A Levi Strauss study showed that women’s health programs lead to a 4:1 return on economic productivity and growth.

If women were given the same resources as men, coffee yields would increase 20-30%.

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