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Guatemala La Inteligencia

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La Inteligencia is our second purchase from Guatemalan importer, Onyx Coffee. Founded by third generation coffee producer Edwin Martinez, we're excited to continue our relationship with Onyx.  La Inteligencia comes from the Huehuetenango region and is grown by Itiel Vásquez, supported by his wife and four sisters who bring over 25 years of coffee experience to the farm. They use no herbicides and pick only the most mature cherries. 

We're enjoying the flavors of roasted almond, brown sugars, and caramel. The cup boasts a bright yet pleasant acidity and an overall sweet and clean finish. This coffee is a perfect morning cup brewed as a pour over or automatic drip. 

Geography- Hoja Blanca, Cuilco, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Altitude- 1805 MASL

Varietals- Bourbon, Catuai 

Preparation - Washed process

802 Cupping notes – roasted almonds, brown sugar, caramel, bright acidity, clean cup