Ethiopia Natural Nensebo Suke

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Ethiopia Natural Nensebo Suke

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 As many people know, Ethiopia has been producing coffee for a very long time. Practically since the beginning. When you've had that many centuries to cultivate a crop, it is no surprise that the quality is amazing. So when we came across another Ethiopia Natural process stunner, we knew we had to scoop up enough for a limited offering to share with you all. 

This coffee comes to us from Sidama, grown on the single farm of Abdella Nabi Galgiyo. He's been producing coffee since 1982 and his success shows up in this cup. It's vibrant, juicy, and oh so tart. We tasted all kinds of snappy green fruits; from green apple to grape, kiwi to pineapple. We think this sweet and complex coffee is perfect for spring and summer. Order a bag today as it certainly won't be around long!

Geography – Sidama West Arsi, Nensebo, Ethiopia

Variety – Karaaru, Badessa

Altitude – 1,900 - 2,100 MASL

Preparation/Grade – Natural Process, Dried on Raised African Beds

802 Cupping notes – Tart tropical fruits, berries, green apple, raw sugar, juicy body