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Currently boasting more than 2000 members, the la Florida Cooperative had rather modest beginnings in the remote jungles of Junin, Peru. United by the desire to foster and protect the social and economic stability of coffee growers in the region, a mere 50 small farmers came together to form la Florida in 1966. Since this humble start, la Florida has become a model for social and environmental stewardship within international trade. Producers are encouraged to diversify their farms, with many growers also harvesting pineapple and passion fruit. Still others venture into livestock and fish, while some open their land to ecotourism and environmental education. The cooperative has also reinvested fair trade and organic premiums to create the Occupational Learning Center for Sustainable Agriculture, helping members learn new farming techniques and gain access to upgraded infrastructure. All of these efforts by la Florida have paved the way for social and environmental sustainability while facilitating the production of excellent coffees year after year.   

Geography – Chanchamayo province, Junin region, central Peru

Cooperative/Contributing farmers – 2000+ member la Florida Cooperative

Variety – Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Catimor, Pache

Altitude – Between 3900 and 4600 feet

Preparation/Grade – Fully washed, sun dried, Fair Trade, Organic

802Cupping notes – Chocolate, macadamia, creamy, smooth finish