Zambia Estate Natural Process

802 Coffee

Zambia Estate Natural Process

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When we got to cup the new crop of African coffees early this spring we were especially excited to taste the offerings from Zambia. We've purchased a Zambia Honey Process for a few years and it has quietly become one of our steady favorites with a loyal following. We were pleased to taste that it was just as wonderful in the new crop; but we were blown away by its flashier sibling, the Zambia Estate Natural Process. We couldn't have two Zambias, we thought. That's just crazy talk. But the more we sipped and the more we fell in love the more we knew we just had to buy this coffee for a special limited offering.  We love the summer fruit explosion of blueberry, nectarine, pineapple, and strawberry paired with a sweet and juicy body that swaggers through to the finish. This coffee is lovely as a pour over first thing in the day or use it in your cold brew for an exceptional warm weather treat. 


Geography – Kateshi and Isanya Estates, Northern Zambia

Variety – Catimor 129, Castillo, Java

Altitude – 1300-1700 meters

Preparation/Grade – Natural Process, Dried on Raised African Beds

802 Cupping notes – Blueberry, nectarine, pineapple. Sweet, juicy body.